Trends 2025: Beauty & Personal Care Webinar

Consumer interactions with beauty can be extraordinary, fragile and complex. This relationship is one that is ever evolving during a consumer’s lifetime. Over the next ten years how consumers shop, interact and think will affect this dynamic relationship, and the beauty industry must adapt to stay ahead.

In a future where the line between human an technological device blurs, water is a protected resource, energy concerns ring true and natural ingredients take center stage – how will beauty brands innovate to stay competitive?

Join Mintel on Thursday, February 11th, 2016 to learn more about the Beauty & Personal Care trends set to impact the global beauty and personal care industry over the next decade.

Thursday, February 11th, 2016
2pm CT/3pm ET
45 min + 15 min for Q+A

Attend this webinar to understand:

  • What are the 4 biggest trends that will influence the development of beauty and personal care as we move into the New Year and beyond?

  • What impact will fog have on the future of formulating?

  • What do beetles have in common with packaging development?

  • How will nanobots influence your beauty product choices?

The 4 Key Trends for Beauty & Personal Care:

Augmented Human
Water: The New Luxury
Power Play

Mintel Presenters:


Sarah Jindal
Senior Innovation and Insights Analyst, Beauty and Personal Care

Sarah is Mintel’s Senior Innovation and Insights Analyst, Beauty and Personal Care, and has over 16 years of experience developing ingredient technologies for beauty and personal care companies. Having worked for a variety of companies over her career, Sarah has gained an in-depth understanding of the industry and draws upon not only her work experience but also degrees in Biology, Biochemistry and Evolution Biology.

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