Digital Beauty – CEW’s first NY panel discussion of the year – was filled to the rafters, a testament to the relevance of Digital Marketing in Beauty. If you have missed out, read on for my 10 key take-aways.

  1. Kristen Yraola from Maybelline/Garnier: You are responsible to educate & entertain your consumer.

  2. Marisa Thalberg from Estee Lauder: You are also responsible for educating internal staff to overcome potential resistance, get the budget you need and demonstrate ROI.

  3. Annemarie Frank from mark.: Digital is still a new language. We have to learn how to say Thanks, Please, Where’s the toilet?

  4. Kristen (Maybelline/Garnier): When technology becomes invisible, that’s when you’ve done it right. (See Apple’s product range.)

  5. Marisa (Estee Lauder): Understand the inherent service proposition that social media has. Create great experiences.

  6. All agree: Mobile is the next shopping experience. The smart phone is not a phone but a device that supports your life(style)

  7. Marisa (Estee Lauder): Best practice examples: JetBlue, Starbucks, Best Buy, Charmin leverage traffic & bring people to the store.

  8. Kristen (Maybelline/Garnier): It’s not about being nerdy. You have to be kind of a cultural anthropologist with a passion for understanding consumer behavior.

  9. Marisa (Estee Lauder): Instead of metrics that focus on ROI, use metrics that deal with brand awareness.

  10. All agree: Age groups become irrelevant. Be age-agnostic. Decide what mindset you want to reach and tailor to that.

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