Sweet potatoes are making inroads in the German market, offering manufacturers in various product categories ample scope to enhance the nutritional proposition of their products. This increased popularity is in line with consumer preferences, as nearly three quarters of consumers in Germany say they like to try different varieties of fruit/vegetables according to Mintel research.

Natural benefits lure in health- and variety-seekers

With its creamy texture and a sweet-spicy flavour, the sweet potato is enjoying increasing popularity not only in Germany, but across Europe. Although the European market for sweet potatoes is still relatively small, imports and consumption are rapidly expanding. The sweet potato’s versatility offers manufacturers in different product categories ample scope for value-added innovation to maximise the nutritional potential of their products.

The rising popularity of sweet potato can be attributed to several factors, such as its good taste, high versatility and, in particular, its well-balanced nutritional composition. Enjoying ‘superfood’ status among healthy eaters, sweet potatoes are a source of dietary fibre, and a source of many vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, beta carotene and potassium.

Besides sweet potatoes’ health benefits, demand is also being supported by the variety‐seeking behaviour of European consumers in their food product choices. Sweet potatoes are becoming a familiar potato variety among more adventurous consumers who know how to incorporate it into their meals.

Leveraging superfood status in prepared meals

The use of sweet potatoes has significant potential in the German prepared meal segment, boosting their appeal among health-oriented consumers. In order to successfully target this group, prepared meals that incorporate sweet potato should focus on better-for-you claims and healthy preparation, leveraging the potatoes’ nutritional content and superfood status. As consumers are becoming more aware of healthy nutrition and pay more attention to the quality of their diet, the popularity of sweet potatoes is expected to continue growing.

With a dedicated field of focus on Germany, Katya draws on her comprehensive knowledge of this market to identify and explore the major trends across various FMCG categories. She runs regular field research trips in Germany and brings hands-on experience from her previous role in the strategic development of private label at METRO Group.

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