2017 is proving to be an inventive year for India. From jalapeno yoghurt to anti-pollution foundation, India has seen a vibrant range of innovative product launches in recent months. Using Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD), our team of expert analysts monitor global product launches in order to track the latest category innovation and forecast opportunities for brands. In celebration of the upcoming Diwali, here, we highlight 10 of the most exciting and inspired products released throughout India.

Happibo, Broccoli & Carrot Khichdi with Almonds

Indian start-up Happibo has launched weaning food for babies aged six months to two years old. Started by an Indian mother who could not find convenient and nutritious food for her own child, Happibo’s products include ready-to-feed meals that are said to be additive-free and made from fresh ingredients sourced from greenhouse farms. In a market that is dominated by dry baby food, Happibo has positioned itself as the first in India to launch wet, natural food for this age group. The brand’s Broccoli & Carrot Khichdi with Almonds claims to be formulated using 100% natural ingredients, almonds and thermally processed vegetables.

Set Wet, Charm Avatar Deodorant Spray Perfume

Set Wet, a deodorant brand from India, has launched a new limited range of personalised deodorants as part of its male grooming brand. This series of customisable deodorant packs allows consumers to select things like the name of the fragrance, the colour of the can and a picture of themselves, all in an interactive game-like style. This aligns with Mintel Trend ‘Make it Mine’ which discusses how consumers want customisable offerings and to be a part of the creative process.

Orillet Quinoa, Quinoa Rava Upma Insta Mix

Quinoa Rava Upma Insta Mix is part of a recent range of quinoa-based products released by Orillet Foods. This vegan and vegetarian product claims to be 100% natural with no preservatives, rich in protein and fibre, low in GI and nutritionally packed with vitamins and minerals. The use of traditional grains like quinoa in breakfast cereals is driven by Indian consumers becoming more health conscious and willing to try new things to improve their health. While still in its nascent stage in India, quinoa has potential to grow through its use as an ingredient across food categories. Independent farmers have started to cultivate quinoa in some pockets across the country given the grain’s ability to grow on dry soil. Orillet’s products themselves use quinoa cultivated in Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh.

Hi Power, Sparkling Freshness Detergent Powder

The Indian fabric care market has seen significant growth over the past few years and according to Mintel Market Sizes, is expected to experience high growth rates in the coming years ahead. With the country’s laundry sector currently seeing a shift towards automation, there is a call for more advanced, modern fabric care solutions that are designed for Indian consumers’ needs. Hi Power’s Sparkling Freshness Detergent Powder is said to contain powerful enzymes that have the ability to easily clean even the hardest of stains including pickle stains, chocolate stains, grease stains or anything else, while keeping clothes looking fresh, clean and bright. This detergent powder is said to be ideal for bucket as well as machine wash.

Yumlane, Vegetable Chilli Momos with Schezwan Dip

Indian start-up company QwikPik Technology is attempting to address consumers’ issues arising from being time-poor. Under the brand name Yumlane, the company has launched a range of heat-and-eat meals aimed at Indian Millennials to consume while on-the-go. This range of ready meals, like the Vegetable Chilli Momos with Schezwan Dip, is said to be fresh, natural and free from preservatives; they are also sealed airtight immediately after preparation and chilled. The “eat out of the box” packaging allows consumers to heat the products in a microwave or by submerging the unopened pack into boiling water.

Jovees, Silk Foundation

Given the level of pollution in the country, India bears a significant amount of potential for anti-pollution beauty innovation—a trend that has been gaining traction across Asia’s beauty landscape. Tapping into this trend, Jovees’ silk foundation claims to protect the skin from environmental pollutants and improve skin radiance while creating an even, uniform tone, and hydrating the skin. It is described as a daily use, lightweight foundation with SPF 15, and is enriched with argan oil, olive oil, vitamin E.

Quaker Oats + Milk, Mango Flavoured Drink

Quaker Oats + Milk Mango Flavoured Drink is said to be a grain-dairy beverage with the goodness of milk and fibre, marking PepsiCo’s entry into the dairy drink space in India. Targeted at the breakfast market, this vegetarian product claims to be a source of calcium, while also containing real milk and fibre which helps aid digestion. Ready-to-drink breakfast drinks are likely to appeal to consumers who are on the move and may be struggling to find time to prepare breakfast.

The Real Man, Beard Wash

An increasing number of men in India are becoming image-conscious and taking care of their skin and hair. Similarly to head hair, facial hair also needs to be looked after. The Real Man’s beard wash claims to soften and relieve itching; it features a very gentle lather that is soft enough for the face, and tough enough to handle curly, coarse beard hairs. According to the manufacturer, the beard shampoo is chemical, sulfate and paraben free, which improves and retains the hair's natural oils and reduces frizz over time.

Ecotique Crafted Naturally, Saffron Oil

All over the world, interest in natural and organic ingredients is on the rise. Ecotique Crafted Naturally’s Saffron Oil is said to be 100% natural and derived from Himalayan saffron. According to the manufacturer, it works as a natural way of brightening the skin complexion, helping to fight signs of ageing, acne and blemishes, and protecting skin from sun exposure. The paraben-free and Ecocert compliant product has not been tested on animals.

Epigamia Snack Pack, Jalapeno Greek Yogurt

Epigamia Snack Pack, a range of yoghurt and snack combo packs, targets the evening snacker; it is specifically positioned as a healthy option for ‘5pm hunger pangs’. The range features both sweet and savoury options that claim to be high in protein and fibre. Savoury packaged yoghurt variants, such as Epigamia Snack Pack’s Jalapeno Greek Yoghurt with Barley Puffs, are rare in the market but the uniqueness of such a product could encourage consumers to try them out.