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Change Happens

So, the situation in Greece wasn’t as serious as it could have been. But what does the “non-event” tell us about the US consumer?



Individuals Will Be Fined

NYC airports will begin fining passengers who cause flight delays.


Oldies but Goodies

The new series of _Mad Men_ featured advertisements lifted straight from the 1960s.


A Friend in Deed

Danish chocolate brand Anthon Berg is asking customers to pay with the promise of a good turn rather than money.


Chipping the Kids

Schools in Brazil have started to microchip students’ uniforms in a bid to control truancy and quell parental anxiety.



A website called Fame offers a different user each day the chance to have a massive Twitter following.

Personal Care Market

Our personal care team uses that in-depth knowledge to put Mintel’s consumer research in category context to show you the coming trends and tell you what they mean.

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