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Mollycoddled by their own parents, the current generation of young parents are now raising a cohort of ‘cotton wool kids.’ 



Train of Taste

Il Treno dei Sapori, which translates as ‘Train of Taste’, offers Italian rail passengers food based on the regions it passes through.





Taste the World

Organic baby food brand Plum is launching a range of baby meals based on recipes and flavours from across the globe.





A Human Library

Chinese consumers have found a new way to read–at Human Libraries.





What Becomes of the Broken-hearted?

Guarana Antarctica’s Ex-Lover Blocker app prevents broken-hearted users from calling their exes.





Playgrounds for Adults

New York City has begun testing playgrounds for adults, in order to make exercise equipment more accessible.

Personal Care Market

Our personal care team uses that in-depth knowledge to put Mintel’s consumer research in category context to show you the coming trends and tell you what they mean.

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