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In the UK, Millennials grew up more green-minded than previous generations. But as they become parents, some priorities are shifting.



Bringing Pollution Down to Zero

Artist Andreco has created a mural in Bologna, Italy that will fight air population.





Food Buskers

A food busker is creating dishes for passers-by at London’s Real Food Market with a novel pay-only-if-you-like-it system.





A Very British Affair

British apparel brand Ted Baker sent out 1920s-era butlers and maids to clean the streets of New York ahead of its new store opening.





Bad Roads, Faster Bikes

A bicycle has been made in India that goes faster on cratered roads.






Post Code Honey

Postcode Honey is a Dutch concept that combines honey making with a distinct local flavour.

Personal Care Market

Our personal care team uses that in-depth knowledge to put Mintel’s consumer research in category context to show you the coming trends and tell you what they mean.

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