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Automation Again
In foodservice, automation has a long history.


Flu Fighting Sorbet
Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams sells a sorbet that’s been developed to help fight flu.

Switch it Off
The province of Valencia, Spain is switching off its city street lamps in a bid to save energy.

Nano Nails
Nano Nails are fake nails that can be used as a stylus on smartphones.

Carrier Citizens
A project in London hopes to use pigeons to make the city a cleaner, greener place.

Track my Macca’s
The TrackMyMacca’s iPhone app will allow Australian customers to track the exact ingredients that go into their food.

Personal Care Market

Our personal care team uses that in-depth knowledge to put Mintel’s consumer research in category context to show you the coming trends and tell you what they mean.

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