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The Asian Machine
The growth of automation is an increasingly global phenomenon. Here we look at how robotic technology is playing out across the Indian, Chinese, Japanese and South Korean markets.


Respect the Blackout
US business Quirky has introduced a Blackout policy that will shut down operations completely for the first week of each quarter.

Crunch Delights
A bar and restaurant in Valladolid, Spain is now serving insects to its customers.

Made for One
The explosion of one-person households in South Korea is driving product offerings for singles.

Happy Chinese New Year
Topshop is launching its first campaign celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Touching e-Books
Amazon is setting up kiosks in Brazil to sell Kindle eReaders.

Retail Market

We deal in market retail science, not therapy. Four out of five of the world’s most successful retailers use Mintel to develop their offerings, understand their competitors’ shoppers and manage their suppliers.

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