In 2012, the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics offered a muse for new product launches. Today, the impending arrival of the royal baby has inspired a number of innovation trends for brands in different categories. The rise of patriotic product launches across Great Britain has inspired new product packaging or marketing messages, but little in the way of new products, but following the arrival of the royal baby, where will brands turn to for inspiration?

Since Kate Middleton’s pregnancy was announced last year, there has already been a plethora of products marking the occasion, ranging from souvenirs (eg tea towels, mugs, dishes) to baby clothes and books. The imminent birth of the royal baby and the announcement of the sex and the name are expected to generate marketing opportunities and lead to sales of many more items marking the occasion in the UK and abroad.

For example, Marks & Spencer launched ‘Baby Royale’ sparkling cocktail made with white wine, Williams pear juice and vodka and ‘Pear to the Throne’ juice drink with Williams pear juice and Willamette raspberries.

Children’s stores, such as Mothercare and Jo Jo Maman Bebe have introduced their own ‘royal collections’ of maternity wear with slogans like ‘future princess’ and baby grows covered in crowns. Comfort Pure and Persil Non-Bio Powder, positioned as mother and baby brands by Unilever, will appear on shelves with a picture of a newborn baby sporting a crown as soon as the royal baby is born.

Strong devotion to British brands

attitude-towards-british-productsData collected for Mintel report British Lifestyles 2013: Examining the Legacy of the Economic Downturn, 2013 reveals the strong patriotic sentiment amongst Britons. The majority (57%) agree that people should buy British products to support the economy and a similar proportion (53%) agree that British brands enjoy a good reputation in the rest of the world. The high popularity of and trust in the ‘Made in England’ back stamp underpins the enthusiasm for celebrating royal occasions. Moreover, Mintel Inspire trend ‘Patriot Games’ explains how increased globalisation in recent years is creating a counter-trend whereby people actively seek to reassert their beliefs in their homeland via their consumer choices.

This provides British companies with a unique opportunity to tap into the continued loyalty to the Britishness concept by helping Britons celebrate the royal baby arrival.