Home security services tend to have limited appeal, with only about one in six American households subscribing to these services. However, the market may see expansion resulting from increasing concern not just for break-ins, leaks or other hazards, but also because more and more consumers are interested in monitoring inhabitants of the home, including their pets.

1 in 6 American adults own a pet that they worry about leaving home alone

Pet owners are likely to be the largest propellant for remote indoor monitoring as one in six American adults own a pet that they worry about leaving home alone. Concerned pet owners may invest in indoor cameras to feel more comfortable about the wellbeing of their furry family members. While more than a third of all Americans would like to have a home security system installed, this number rises to more than half of pet owners.

One perk of installing indoor cameras is the enjoyment of seeing pets’ daily activities from afar – a theme that marketers would do well to utilize in brand messaging. Videos of pets playing happily may be reason enough to invest in indoor cameras, as among those who feel nervous about leaving a pet home alone, two in five say they would like to have indoor cameras.

What we think

As pet owners concerned with safety adopt home security products and services – including indoor cameras – other pet owners will follow suit, even if they currently feel that their pet is safe. Pet retailers should be regarded as an important distribution outlet for manufacturers of smart home hardware and may also be an ideal location for security subscription services to market their appeal. As the number of pet tech products, such as connected treat dispensers and connected toys, become parts of pet’s lives, pet retailers may play an increasing role as display arenas for smart home products.

Billy Hulkower is a Senior Analyst, Technology and Media, at Mintel. His area of expertise includes consumer electronics, digital entertainment, social networking, digital marketing, pay TV services and online video, with a particular emphasis on cellular services, and mobile hardware and software.

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