Faber-Castell Cosmetics is a private-label manufacturer of cosmetic pencils and applicators for the cosmetics industry.

Mintel GNPD

In marketing, we use Mintel’s services particularly in terms of specific needs, so for example we would ask if you can supply us with information about products with vegan claims.

Market knowledge
product information

Mintel assists us with your studies of specific segments, such as liquid liners for example.

All news about the lips, eyes, face and nails categories is very much appreciated!

Sabine Stadlbauer
Executive Director Marketing

I am responsible for the organisation and performance of the trade shows in which we participate, as well as presenting new product concepts to our international customers 3-4 times per year.

Product development

We are focused on fulfilling the demands of our customers, the international cosmetic industry, with new products.

Market coverage

Mintel is a great benefit for us in sourcing information about what is new in the cosmetics market, plus it gives us real detail as well about specific subjects we are interested in.