NARS is a skin care and make-up brand, and part of the leading multinational beauty group Shiseido

Mintel BPC

Our company has been using the Beauty and Personal Care service for more than decade.

We use it primarily to assist us in cosmetic product information.

Competitive intelligence
product information

We use the Beauty and Personal Care service for competitive search and product search, which is really important for us when we are launching new products.

Having access to product data and ingredient lists, knowing what people are using and what claims they are making is a real advantage.

The worldwide coverage is another real benefit for us because we can use that information to make sure the new products we create will be competitive globally.

Manami Kuwamura
Executive Director of Marketing and Product Development – Skincare and Complexion

My main role is to lead on new product concepts on complexion and skincare category.

customer loyalty

Our aim is to be competitive by bringing in unique products and increasing customer loyalty.