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Last year Mintel foresaw virtual and augmented reality technologies entering our homes and businesses, health and well-being are becoming essential consideration for Chinese consumers, concepts we have seen infiltrate the consumer landscape in 2016.

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China Consumer Trends 2017
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The 4 trends set to impact the
Chinese consumer markets are:

Mitigating Future Shock

Decades of rapid economic development and social change are now slowing. People are changing priorities to adapt to China’s “new normal”.



Rapid rebuilding of cities and repairing environmental damage is driving new technologies to enter and shape people’s living environments.


What must-have products and services are on the horizon?
What will consumers determine is ‘the next big thing’?

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I, Cyborg

Leap-frogging adoption is placing new technologies rapidly and more deeply into more consumers’ daily lives.


Alternative Realities

The stress of fast-paced living is creating demand for technologies that enhance quality of life and provide channels of escapism.