What’s it about?

Is any element of your business more important than your brand – the public face of your products and services that determines consumer reaction and favourability towards them? Brands are our business. And the strategic advice we offer our consulting clients around them is built on our rolling research programmes across categories and markets worldwide. Our consultants are plugged in to our entire consumer data and market intelligence resource. They know the brands people respond to and they know the reasons why. They can tailor that expertise to answer the important questions facing your brand too: How can we differentiate our hero brand? Can our brand own the category?

What can it tell me?

In resolving those issues, our consultants focus on the four key areas that determine the strength – and success – of your business brand:

  • Positioning: How your brand should look and feel. Where it needs to sit.

  • Portfolio architecture: How your brands fit together. The collective story they need to tell

  • Customer experience: Bringing your brand values to life. Being sure they are touching your consumers.

  • Marketing optimization: Showcasing your brand. Making the right connections.

Your brand, optimised.

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