What’s it about?

You control your products, your designs, your marketing, your sales channels. But what about the human factor?

It’s people who determine your business’s success. But how much do you know about the customers who hold your future in their hands? How can you influence their behaviour?

Mintel Consulting can give you the answers. We know consumers like nobody else. Behaviours. Choices. Attitudes. Aspirations. Our strategic advice is underpinned by robust data, rigorous analysis and the knowledge of how it all fits with the wider trends we track in culture, society and technology.

What can it tell me?

Our consultants sift that information for the insights they need to address the key consumer issues facing your business, today and tomorrow:

  • Who are our new target segments?

  • Who is and who should be our target market?

  • How are our customers living, shopping, interacting, and consuming?

  • What white spaces exist?

To achieve your goals, we focus on the four key areas that drive consumer behaviour and thinking, and how they relate to your business needs:

  • Culture: The rules. The tribes. The variations.

  • Trends: What’s happening now. Where it’s headed next.

  • Unmet needs: Where are the gaps? Who’s falling through them.

  • Attitudes and behaviour: What people do. What people think.

Your consumers, connected.

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