What’s it about?

Innovating is easy. Innovating successfully is not.

Successful innovation is a new product that sells; new directions people rush to follow. That takes time, expertise, collaboration.

Great ideas do not flourish in isolation; creative thinkers need to know what’s gone before and to see the landscape that lies ahead. Knowledge + vision = success.

Mintel Consulting understands that equation. It can give you a start, can speed you through the innovation process, and quality control the outputs produced.

We’re tracking innovation all the time, all around the world. Flavours, formulas, fragrances, packaging, ingredients, ideas. We see the hits and the misses, we watch how consumers respond. We understand what that means for your business.

What can it tell me?

Our consultants tap that knowledge to answer the key questions that drive your innovation processes:

  • How will emerging trends impact us?

  • Can we find the next big opportunity?

  • Do we explore breakthrough shifts?

To do that, we home in on five key areas that shape innovative business thinking:

  • Trend road-mapping: Where innovations come from. Where they go next.

  • Opportunity finding: Where the white space sits. What it takes to get there. Breakthrough and renovation.

  • Platform development: Foundations for innovation. Getting off the launch pad.

  • Breakthrough shifts: New perspectives. Fresh thoughts.

  • Creative ideation: Dreams to reality. Theory into practice.

Different thinking, delivered.

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