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We provide is a very rich, holistic picture about a category, brand, ingredients, consumer concerns and wish-fors that articulates what is happening in the world with regards to our clients’ brands, business challenges or growth plans.

Purchase Intelligence Custom Benchmarks

We use the power of comparison built into our Purchase Intelligence database to examine consumer attitudes and intent based on the problem to solve, not necessarily the next sku on the shelf.

Market Sizing

These projects can help a customer identify the size of the prize in other categories, stocking locations, etc.

Primary Research

We can design and execute new primary research to explore what specific consumer segments are thinking and feeling with regards to a customer’s category / competitive set.

Trend Activation

Building on the Trend Curation, we can engage the brand groups or business units to strategize about what the consumer learning and trends can mean for their specific business – we can lead strategy and ideation that can unlock new retail activation, communication, or innovation.

Mentor Brand Analysis

We provide strategic guidance from best-in-class analogues based on their approach to innovation, marketing, channel strategy, consumer engagement and success surmounting category hurdles.

Path to Disruption

We combine Purchase Intelligence with analysis of online reviews and social media to assess how consumers are connecting with trend-forward products in growth categories to recommend disruptive strategies and tactics that help our clients shake up the status quo and awaken their brands.

Tactical Imagination

It is our deductive method of brainstorming with a balanced left-brain right-brain approach. Our team customizes workshops to be actionable – we don’t promise 400 ideas, we promise 20 ideas that can form an actionable pipeline.

Consumer Co-Conspiracy

Rather than use consumers to brainstorm, our team has a method that brings engaged consumers into a workshop so that rough ideas can be sharpened and made better with consumer feedback (rather than spending time and money to refine ideas for formal qualitative research).

Concept Intelligence

Our clients can reduce the iterations, time and cost of new product development by running product concepts through our Purchase Intelligence method.

Our exclusive methods can be customized and connected to help you close the gap between WHAT CONSUMERS SAY and WHAT THEY DO

MINTEL CONSULTING is a team of curious, creative, and commercially-minded thinkers.

We leverage the power of Mintel’s people and resources to amplify market data, trends, and consumer insights to activate the potential within your business. We are working in your markets constantly and are ready when you need us – that’s why we can move you FORWARD. FASTER.

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