What’s it about?

No business can afford to stand still. If you’re not moving forwards, you can be sure others will be moving past.

But where do you go to next? New products, new services, new markets? You are always striving for better – but what does it look like? And who decides?

One wrong move in the strategy process and two steps forward become three or more back.

You need to know all the options, and their implications at every stage. You need to know where the white space sits and what it will take to get you there. You need the mix of intelligence, insight and creative thinking that only Mintel Consulting can provide.

Our strategic advice is informed by the full range of Mintel’s research and analysis capabilities, so you can be sure you’re acting on the latest information and the most important market trends.

What can it tell me?

Our consultants distil all that detail into actionable insights around the strategic questions you need to address:

  • Do we need to expand our footprint?

  • Can we reassess our business models?

  • What is the best way to enter a new market?

  • Our consultants find the answers in their focus on the five key areas that will shape your business strategy:

  • Business model: Strengths. Weaknesses. Implementing change.

  • Market expansion: New products. New territories.

  • Technology: Opportunities. Threats. Costs.

  • Environment: Changing markets. Changing times.

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