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Top Ingredients to Watch in Beauty

July 27– 11am CT / 12pm ET / 9 am PT
Presenter: Andrew McDougall, Global Analyst

Where should manufacturers look for inspiration and what do consumers want when it comes to their products’ ingredients? This presentation will look at examples from grains to flora and fauna to more futuristic ingredients that will resonate with consumers while also considering sustainability and new technological developments.

Trust Me I’m a Beauty Brand

September 7 – 11am CT / 12pm ET / 9 am PT
Presenter: Charlotte Libby, Global Analyst

The way brands communicate with their consumers has never been more important. Filters and Photoshop, exaggerated product claims and negativity surrounding certain ingredients are all impacting consumer trust in the beauty industry. In this presentation, Mintel will explore to what extent consumer trust beauty brands, which sources hold the highest credibility and how brands can build their relationships with consumers.