Who is it for?

Mintel’s digital and media market clients are at the cutting edge of one of the fastest-changing of all global markets.

You need to know where you stand in a business revolutionised by the web – category sizes, shares, trends and segmentation. How they are changing. Old media, new media, social media. How new business models are changing the industry.

You want the figures at your fingertips – and to know which metrics mean most. Readers, viewers, fans, Tweets, likes and shares. Who are the influencers, the creators, the innovators?

You have to understand the digital and media consumer – who they are, what they read, watch, think and do. How their behaviours are changing, and what that means for you.

How do we fit?

At Mintel, we’re on the same page. We work with many of the globes most successful media brands and 17 out of the top 20 most effective advertising agency networks in the world to drive new business, planning and client servicing.

Our digital research and analysis teams are multimedia, multi-platform, multi-disciplinary experts. We know the trends and the innovations. We know the choices consumers make and the forces behind the trends.

We analyse that information and look beyond the headlines to give you the insights and foresight that make the difference between leading and catching up. Content in context. The bigger picture on ever-smaller screens.

Contact Mintel and we will help you to refine and consolidate your spot on the market. Thanks to our expertise we are able to provide you with valuable information and insights, allowing you to take right decisions at right time.

Category coverage

  • Television market

  • Newspapers and magazines market

  • Online trends

  • Cinema

  • Photography

  • Gaming market

  • Stationery market

  • Books and ebooks market


  • Consumer research

  • Population and demographics

  • Channel distribution

  • Market size

  • Market forecast

  • Market share

  • Market Segmentation

  • Brand communication

  • Brand research

  • Brand preference


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