Who is it for?

If you work in the consumer electronics industry, you need to be switched on 24/7.

Technology never rests, nor waits for you to catch up. So you need market information at your fingertips:category sizes, segmentation, forecasts, market shares, new products and competitor activity.

You need to know what’s new on the shelves, and what’s flying off them. New technologies, new products.

Designs, formats and functionality. What works and what doesn’t. What’s coming next.

And you must understand consumers – what they buy today and want from tomorrow. What they aspire to. How they react to change. You need to know – because consumers decide if you win or you lose.

How do we fit?

At Mintel, We can show you which buttons to push.

Our expert analysts know the consumer electronics industry and the cultural and lifestyle trends that impact it. We work with some of the world’s leading brands and know the trends, the products, the components and the customers. And we know how they all fit together.

Our analysts connect rigorous consumer research with robust market data to produce actionable insights you can plug into your business planning right away. Saving you time, and helping you focus on delivering great products.

Category coverage

  • Laptops, PCs and tablets market

  • Mobile phones and networks market

  • Televisions and home cinema market

  • Digital cameras market

  • Fridges and freezers market

  • Washing machines and dryers market

  • Dishwashers market

  • Kitchen appliances market

  • Vacuum cleaners market


  • Consumer research

  • Population and demographics

  • Market size

  • Market share

  • Market segmentation

  • Market forecast

  • Brand communication

  • Brand research

  • Brand preference

  • Channel distribution

  • Device usage

  • Digital trends


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