CX Insights: How brands are re-imagining total customer service

Mark your calendars to attend the next Mintel Big Conversation in New York.

These in-person events are meant to bring our research to life and start…well, a conversation about consumer behavior, industry issues, product innovation, next-generation-what-if-someday ideas and everything in between, from all over the world.

In this half day morning session, three of Mintel’s leading analysts, Emily Groch, Director of Telecommunications Insights;  Claude Lawrence, Sr. Industry Analyst, Financial Services; and Gabi Lieberman, Director of Social Media Insights; will explore the evolution and merging of customer service and customer experience. With “service” no longer relegated to a counter in the back of the store, we will look at what consumers expect from their interactions with the brand in different mediums, what brands have been doing and where opportunities lie.

Presentations include:

CX Insights: Finance

Claude Lawrence, Sr. Industry Analyst, Financial Services

Today’s world of mobile payments and FinTech is challenging financial brands to re-imagine the meaning of customer service. Financial transactions are more autonomous and mobile-centric than ever, yet there is still an appetite for human interaction. This session will explore how consumer demand for a combination of traditional and digital communication as well as a unique customer experience is driving financial marketing towards new and innovative offerings in customer service.

Telecom: Customer-centric Service

Emily Groch, Director of Insights, Telecom

In our fast-paced society, consumers are looking to save time wherever they can. Telecommunication companies are putting more control in consumers’ hands by making customer service available around the clock and improving tools that make in-person interactions more meaningful and convenient. Not every initiative succeeds, but experimenting with new and better ways to provide customer service for consumers will differentiate companies in a highly competitive marketplace.

Social Media: Lessons in Customer Service

Gabrielle Lieberman, Director of Social Media Research

Recent misfires from some major brands have reminded us of a valuable lesson: Going ‘viral’ isn’t always a good thing. Social media allows companies to better handle customer issues, with greater insights, flexibility, and efficiency. However, managing customer service through social media requires a thoughtful, strategic approach. We’ll look at some key examples of social media done right as well as some of the bigger missteps and what we can learn from them.



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  • 18/Aug/2017
  • 653 11th Ave, New York,
  • NY
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