Financial Services Trends 2016

Behind every trend is comprehensive market and consumer data, in-depth analysis and brand examples that support the emergence and future impact of the trends, including why marketers should care and where the Financial Services industry is headed next.

Mintel's team of expert analysts have identified and analyzed five key Marketing Trends set to impact the US Financial Services industry in 2016:

  • Power to the People Technology is making it easier and more straightforward to play the stock market, which is opening the doors for investors of all ages and income levels to build a portfolio.

  • Starting Early Generation Z are the customers of the future, but they are also the children of customers today.

  • Watch Out for Me Consumers are looking for a financial institution that they can trust, but there is a fine line between looking after your customers and spying on them.

  • Human Touch Technology is changing the financial landscape, but not everything can be self-service.

  • Eye Bank Comfortability with and use of smartphones are growing at a record pace, and so is the new language of mobile including images and emojis.

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