From mainstream to specialist, our Field team can be the eyes and ears in the distribution channels that matter to you. At Mintel, we can deliver the on-the-ground intelligence you need to inform your quality, sales, marketing and product development strategies.

Because in winning and losing, detail makes the difference.

Get in touch today to find out how our point-of-purchase measurement and in-store analysis can make the difference between thinking you know and being sure that you do.


Get in touch if you need to answer any of these questions:


  • Are my products reaching the shelf?
  • How are my products being presented?
  • Where are packaging defects occurring?
  • Is the product on shelf at the right time?
  • Are my products being sold to my intended quality standards?
  • Are products being served in compliance with regulation?
  • How will I procure hundreds of products for focus groups next week?


  • Is my investment being delivered in-store?
  • Are my products being merchandised as intended?
  • How do my products compare to the competition on-shelf?
  • Are the right point-of-sale messages being used?
  • Are my point-of-sale messages in the right place?
  • What does my category look like in emerging markets?


  • Where does the white space exist?
  • How are my competitors pricing and promoting their brands in-store?
  • What product introductions are being made in my category?
  • Are there new point-of-sale opportunities?
  • What claims are being made within my category?
  • How can I increase my space allocation?
  • Who is stealing my space and whose space can I steal?
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