Discover how emerging marketing trends are set to impact the Insurance landscape over the next year, including:
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All-in-one or À-la-carte?

The debate of bundled or à-la-carte insurance will intensify as consumers demand personalized insurance solutions.

The Google Effect

Outside influencers are changing the way insurance will be purchased and consumed.

Interact with Me

The promise of protection is no longer enough to engage customers that now desire interactive, experiential benefits for all goods and services.

Insure my Privacy

With concerns about data security top of mind, opportunities abound to provide solutions that protect and build trust with consumers.

Consolidate or Diversify

Tried-and-true carriers merge while technology innovators create new disruptors.

Behind every trend is comprehensive market and consumer data, in-depth analysis and brand examples that support the emergence and future impact of the trends, including why marketers should care and where the Insurance industry is headed next.

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