What’s it about?

Mintel Menu Insights – America’s choice in eating out

Taste is personal. So you need to be up close to see what diners are ordering, the flavors they’re enjoying, how their preferences are changing.

You need to know what’s on the table at restaurants across the entire USA to see where eating out is headed. Not just in your own segment – right across the board, so you can spot trends elsewhere that can impact on your own menus, sales and profits.

Mintel Menu Insights tracks those trends on a daily basis, in chain restaurants, beverage-centric outlets and the most innovative independent places to dine, including top chef establishments.

That’s more than 8,000 menus and millions of items to choose from – all backed by Mintel insight that can slot straight into your own research, presentations and strategy.

Menus. Ingredients. Flavors. Prices. Insights. It’s the inside track on eating out.

What’s inside?

  • A dynamic database of menus from nearly 600 of the largest US chain restaurants, more than 800 innovative independent restaurants and more than 100 multi-concept restaurants

  • Analysis tools that enable you to drill down into specific trends and segments within millions of menu items

  • Quarterly tracking of changes in price, menu items, ingredients, flavors and preparations

  • Monthly trend reviews and foodservice innovation reports

  • Industry insight from Mintel’s knowledgeable and experienced foodservice experts

What can it tell me?

  • Everything you need to refresh and revitalise your menu analysis

  • What’s on food and beverage menus, by region or nationwide

  • Where diners’ tastes are heading – in preparations, ingredients, flavors

  • Which innovations can inspire and validate your own ideas in sales and marketing

  • What your competitors are doing and how you can stay ahead

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