The best marketers are constantly experimenting to optimize campaigns and adapt to changing market conditions.

Mintel Comperemedia’s email performance dashboard is the marketing tool for email marketers, allowing them to monitor and respond to those changes in real time.

Updated daily with new data available within 24 hours

Data for companies in: Auto, Retail, Financial services, Telecom, Insurance, Travel.

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Gain an inside view of competitors’ email strategy


With projection volumes available down to the campaign level, Mintel ePerformance allows clients to assess share of voice among its competitors.

Use these metrics to drill down into specific time periods to identify trends in mailing patterns and opportunities to stand out in the inbox.

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Do my competitors’ messages perform better?


Benchmark frequency and engagement metrics against competitors and see the emails competing for attention.

With the ability to spot key events and view top partner offers, marketers can make informed decisions about their strategy.

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What percentage of my competitors’ emails are read?


Use these views to assess competitor success and audit your own email quality and partner compliance.

Look outside your competitive set or industry to email leaders for new innovation and proof of concept.

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Do my competitors’ subject lines work?


View the actual content and design for top campaigns.

Gain insight and inspiration on layout, call to action placement and graphic elements.

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