Mintel tailor-made solutions


Tailor-made strategic solutions provided by our experienced consultants, backed by our category experts and the rigorous syndicated data you have always trusted.

Mintel’s consultants generate actionable solutions for your business. HOW?

  • Through IDENTIFICATION – We identify your main competitors, target consumers, their needs and key trends that drive your business. We predict how these are likely to evolve and establish opportunities for growth.

  • Through INSPIRATION – We take you on a journey to bring it all to life by using, for example, Trends Safaris, store visits and interactions with your target audience stretching your comfort zone.

  • Through IDEATION – We ideate, co-create and develop new propositions, using identified leading opportunities, to help you grow your business.

  • Through IMPLEMENTATION – We validate your new propositions that can maximise the impact on your business and help to implement the most appropriate strategies.

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