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With technological advances, Government policy changes and consumers demanding more, the future of the automotive industry is set to be a dynamic one. To help you keep up, this year, Mintel has nearly doubled the number of reports covering the automotive industry in China.

      Automotive Reports

  • Car Aftermarket
  • Car Hire
  • Car Purchasing Process
  • Car Usage Habits
  • Connectivity in Automotive
  • Digital Marketing in Automotive
  • Luxury Cars
  • New Energy Cars
  • SUVs

Beauty & Personal Care

In the world of beauty and personal care, product launches come fast and new product concepts come faster. Unique data sets for launches, trends and new products will help you stay ahead of the curve. Mintel provide 15 key categories covering the Chinese beauty and personal care market.

Beauty & Personal Care Reports

      • Attitudes Towards Anti-ageing Products
      • Attitudes Towards Beauty
      • Baby Personal Care
      • Beauty Devices
      • Body Care
      • Colour Cosmetics
      • Facial Masks
      • Facial Skincare

    • Feminine Hygiene
    • Fragrances
    • Hair Colourants and Styling Products
    • Haircare
    • Oral Hygiene
    • Soap, Bath and Shower Products
    • Sunscreen Products

Consumer Attitudes & Trends

Consumers are seeking to enjoy what they have and investing in their futures and we're seeing them spending more on enjoying experiences than buying things. From attitudes towards fitness to how to market to teenagers, our range of reports on consumer attitudes and trends of the Chinese consumer has you covered.

    Consumer Reports

    • Attitude Towards Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Living in Lower Tier Cities
    • Marketing to Modern Families
    • Marketing to Outdoor Lovers
    • Marketing to Over-55s
    • Marketing to Subcultures
    • Marketing to University Students
    • The Chinese Consumer
    • Trends in Health and Wellness

Consumer Finance

Chinese consumers have an open attitude towards online and mobile financial services. They have passed the stage of being attracted solely by incentives ad convenience and professionalism are on top of their mind now. Mintel's consumer finance reports will help stay ahead of their ever-changing needs.

    Consumer Finance Reports

    • Attitudes Towards Credit
    • Consumer and Retail Banking
    • Consumer Attitude Towards Housing Needs
    • Consumer Spending Priorities (1H)
    • Consumer Spending Priorities (2H)

Food & Drink

The food and drink market is renowned for its innovations due to the ever-changing nature of consumers and technological advances. Get ahead of your competitors with Mintel's range of over 20 reports covering the Chinese food and drink market.

Food & Drink Reports

    • Baby Nutrition
    • Biscuits, Crackers and Cookies
    • Breakfast Foods
    • Chocolate Confectionary
    • Consumer Snacking Trends
    • Consumption Habits of Alcoholic Drinks
    • Gifting Foods
    • Health Supplements

    • Infant Milk Formula
    • Juice and Juice Drinks
    • Lactobacillus Beverage
    • Milk and Flavoured Milk
    • Nutrition for Pregnancy
    • Nuts and Seeds
    • Over-55’s Eating Habits
    • Plant-Based Diet

    • Premiumisation in Food and Drink
    • Purchase Food and Drinks for Children
    • Ready Meals
    • RTD Tea
    • Sauces and Seasoning
    • Chinese Style Cooking Habits - Coming soon!
    • Soft Drink Trends
    • Sports and Energy Drinks
    • Yogurt


The growth momentum of the foodservice sector is expected to continue in the near future driven by high consumer demand – both for its convenience and the indulgent sensory experiences. Mintel's foodservice reports will keep you up to date on the latest trends and innovations driving the Chinese foodservice market.

    Foodservice Reports

    • Attitudes Towards Light Meals
    • Bakery House
    • Consumer Dining Habits
    • Menu Insights
    • On-Premise Coffee Consumption
    • Western-Style Fast Food

Household Care

The changes in family structure, dining habits and the adoption of more modern lifestyles require companies to offer specialised products that provide delicate care to different household items in order to drive spending. Mintel's reports will help you informed on the latest trends in the Chinese household care marketing in China.

    Household Reports

    • Cleaning the House
    • Dishwashing Products
    • Laundry and Fabric Care
    • Wet Tissues


Mintel are beginning to see is a revolution in the way Chinese people shop, and how shopping fits into a wider environment of consumer service experience, delivered both through online portals and physical stores. To help you informed on the retail landscape, Mintel have doubled the number of reports on the retail market across China.

    Retail Reports

    • Attitude Towards Luxury
    • Convenience Stores
    • Cultural and Creative Products Retailing
    • Fashion Retailing
    • Grocery Retailing
    • Home Accessories
    • Innovative Retailing
    • Large Home Appliances
    • Home Retailing - Coming soon!
    • New Retail
    • Small Household Appliances
    • Social Commerce

Technology & Media

Consumers are willing to pay more for their preferred brands and flagship products that showcase the most advanced technology and best quality is essential. Access Mintel's reports on the technology and media market in China and stay ahead of the curve.

    Technology & Media Reports

    • Attitudes Towards Emerging Tech
    • Attitudes Towards KOLs
    • Digital Advertising
    • Digital Media Consumption (News, E-Books)
    • Digital Media Consumption (Video)
    • Digital Trends (1H)
    • Digital Trends (2H)
    • Game Console
    • Health Technology
    • Mobile Apps
    • Online Gaming

Travel & Leisure

Regulations remain influential while opportunities for latecomers lie in answering daily commuting needs of consumers. At the same time we are seeing consumers becoming more selective as to where they entertain and relax themselves. With 50% more Reports in 2018, we have the travel and leisure market across China covered.

    Travel& Leisure Reports

    • Airlines
    • Cruises
    • Family Leisure
    • Marketing to Business Travelers
    • Marketing to Chinese Tourists
    • Night Life
    • Premium Hotels
    • Loyalty Programmes in Travelling - Coming soon!
    • Theme Parks and Amusement Parks
    • Themed Travelling

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