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Best Practices in eNewsletters

This report highlights how financial institutions use word choice, send frequency, and relationships, in crafting impactful and engaging eNewsletters. Actionable recommendations are provided to marketers such as using “e-newsletter” versus “newsletter” for a boost in read rates to create an effective eNewsletter campaign.


2016 Q2 Earnings Call Highlights Financial Services

Part of Mintel's earnings call reporting, the Q2 report, highlights trends among top financial institutions. Q2 saw multiple card issuers discuss revisions to their risk-targeting strategy, new strategic partnerships in the industry, and residual effects of the Costco portfolio switch.


Chase Sapphire Reserve

Sapphire Reserve, the new premium travel card offering from Chase, officially launched on August 22nd. The card has become a bit of a phenomenon, with applications far exceeding both Chase's expectations, and even supply, of the card. This report tracks how Sapphire Reserve achieved this success while spending virtually nothing on advertising, instead relying on word-of- mouth, travel blogs, and social media.


Transportation Series: Part II the Car-Financing Process

This report reviews the options that consumers have once they've identified the perfect car and are ready to buy. Interest rates, used car inventories, and Fintech disruptors are covered. The report is the second in a series on transportation focused reports that highlight the latest trends and opportunities for marketers.


6 Ways Mintel Can Help You

This short guide gives an overview of the ways in which Mintel can help your business gain an in-depth view of the competitive landscape, supplemented by real database examples.


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