North American Food + Drink Trends Webinar 2016

Mintel’s Global Food + Drink Trends resulted from more than one dozen brainstorming sessions that were held across five global Mintel offices and included more than 100 Mintel analysts.

From the comprehensive list of 12 trends, five key trends were chosen for their immediate relevance for the North American food and drink industry in the coming year.

Join Mintel on Thursday, February 18th, 2016 to learn more about the Food + Drink trends set to impact the North American food and drink market in 2016 – your map to navigate the road ahead.

Thursday, February 18th, 2016
2pm CT/3pm ET
45 min + 15 min for Q+A

Attend this webinar to understand:

  • What new ingredients are expanding the appeal of vegetarian or vegan products?

  • How are consumers’ food fears changing formulation and communication?

  • What companies are using “craft” or “artisan” claims effectively as well as truthfully?

  • Where are the opportunities as consumers become less fearful of fat content in food and drink?

  • Why is now the time for sustainability to be a more prominent factor in product concepts and marketing?

The Top 5 Food + Drink Trends for North America:

Alternatives Everywhere
Artificial: Public Enemy No. 1
Based on a True Story
Fat Sheds Stigma
Eco is the New Reality

Mintel Presenters:


Lynn Dornblaser
Director of Innovation and Insights

Lynn Dornblaser brings more than a quarter century of product knowledge to Mintel, which she joined in 1998. Prior to joining Mintel, Dornblaser covered new product trends at several trade magazine publishing companies as editor and editorial director of publication New Product News.


Jenny Zegler
Global Food & Drink Analyst

Jenny Zegler joined the Mintel Food & Drink Platform after her tenure as a dedicated beverage analyst on the US Mintel Reports team. During her career, she also has written for several food and packaging magazines covering the US snack food, bakery, confectionery, meat and packaging industries.

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