Exclusive consumer research from MINTEL’s first comprehensive report into childhood obesity names a staggering one in three (33%) Mums and Dads as ‘Relaxed Parents’, who take little interest in their children’s eating habits. This amounts to some 5.3 million parents, making ‘Relaxed Parents’ the largest group of Mums and Dads in Britain today. But when it comes to children’s diet, it is clear that Mum does know best, with just a quarter (27%) of Mums falling into this group, compared to as many as two in five (41%) Dads. While in general, three-quarters (75%) of parents with children under 16 claim that they try to ensure their kids eat a healthy diet, only just over half (54%) say that they try to actually educate their children about healthy eating. What is more, a similar proportion (just 51%) mention putting into place any specific course of action such as avoiding too much sugar, while just two in five (42%) avoid giving kids high fat foods.

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