Latest research from MINTEL shows that the British are finally injecting some true style into their choice of bedroom attire. Today just one in three (32%) adults claim that ” comfort and fit is more important than style ” and it also seems that money is no object when it comes to fashion in the bedroom, as just 7% say that ” price is more important to me than fashion and style when buying nightwear ” . Indeed, just one in ten (11%) only buy nightwear in the sales or at discount. ” These days the British are really starting to bring some style and glamour into the bedroom, with many now going for the more fashionable and exciting nightwear ranges. But nightwear is still a ‘Cinderella’ department for many retailers at present, as it trails in the wake of lingerie or accessories. This market often receives very little PR or advertising, with its best exposure in recent years coming from TV programmes, such as Sex and the City. As has been done with the lingerie market, efforts should be made to build the image of nightwear as a desirable treat and more women should be encouraged to buy special nightwear for themselves, ” comments Maria Elustondo, Senior Market Analyst at MINTEL.

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