$3.2 Billion Energy Drinks Market Sees Additional Push from the Club CrowdWith more than $3.2 billion in sales last year, it is clear that Americans are getting a boost from energy drinks. However, the trend has been taken a step further in the nightclub set. According to a recent Mintel report, the pairing of energy drinks with alcoholic beverages has become an emerging business avenue for companies.Mintel’s exclusive research revealed that more than one fourth of adult energy drink consumers said that they mix energy drinks with alcoholic beverages. This is compared to 14 percent of the same group who say that they mix energy drinks with non-alcoholic beverages. Asian respondents had the highest percentage for mixing with alcoholic beverages, with close to 40 percent of the overall respondents representing this group. The lowest percentage for this type of mixing was seen in black respondents, representing only 15 percent of the consumers within the overall group.

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