Latest research from MINTEL finds the number of trips taken abroad from the world’s leading 15 outbound markets set to double by 2020. In 2005 over 433.3 million overseas trips were taken, but by 2020 this is expected to rise to a staggering 838.6 million. ” In recent years, the global tourism industry has been forced to contend with terrorist activities around the world, the devastating consequences of the Asian tsunami, hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Pakistan earthquake and the prospect of an avian flu pandemic. Despite this, in the 15 leading outbound markets travel overseas has remained robust and is set to see a considerable increase over the next 15 years. There is little doubt that travelling abroad is now an integral part of people’s lives in these countries. Whilst national economies and security fears will cause some would-be travellers to stay at home, or sway their choice of destination, for a considerable proportion, a holiday or business trip abroad has become part of day-to-day life and is no longer regarded as a luxury, ” comments Richard Cope,

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