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We know the new products people want to buy and why

Every day we benchmark consumer reactions to every new launch so you can immediately unlock what is driving purchase decisions

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The people have spoken. Make sure you listen.

Rapid, reliable consumer opinion on every reported new food and drink product in the US. Get under the hood of every product launch. Get inside the mind of their key target groups.

Understand the why behind the buy.

The combination of Mintel’s product intelligence and consumer research creates a unique picture how to succeed when developing, launching and selling a new product.

Go beyond purchase intent with data and insight on the key product attributes consumers care about such as taste, healthiness, price, brand and more.

Analyze the numbers or dig into thousands of verbatims to learn the context of purchase decisions directly from consumers.


Invest wisely.
Succeed often.

Product development requires a great deal of both time and money, and can mean unnecessary iterations and redundant testing.

Mintel Purchase Intelligence offers agility and speed to market by bringing consumer insight into the innovation process earlier and providing a real market testing ground for on-the-shelf appeal.

Ensuring you can focus resources on the things that really matter.

Respond to the Market. Effectively. Quickly.

Whether you are launching a product yourself, need to keep tabs on everyone else who is, or are interpreting the post-launch landscape, Mintel Purchase Intelligence shows you what consumers really think.

By informing development pre-launch and validating strategy post-launch, you can save time and money when responding to shifting market dynamics.

How we do it

Don’t let the simple interface of Mintel Purchase Intelligence fool you. The level of detail and complexity of the data it conceals is unprecedented. Two years in development, it is an unparalleled undertaking and a unique research solution.

Using groundbreaking new survey design, advanced gamification techniques and interface, Mintel Purchase Intelligence delivers rapid, reliable and high quality consumer opinion on every reported new food and drink product in the US. Engineered to deliver an industrial scale of data with impressive speed.

So, how do we do it?

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  • We start with the food and drink new product data we capture on GNPD. (The world’s leading global new product database.) This on its own accounts for more than 18,000 detailed US records.
  • We feed this data, with accompanying imagery, into our pioneering survey delivery, sampling and quota management Engine.
  • This is then sent out to our US consumer panel. Our bespoke panels are representative of the entire US population and can be broken down by age, gender, region and ethnicity. You can also filter data by income, presence of children in the home and shopper status amongst many other factors.
  • Once completed, each survey is processed, producing actionable and benchmarkable data and analysis you can trust in a matter of 96 hours. With 100 consumers evaluating each product, Purchase Intelligence has nearly 2 million unique consumer perspectives at your fingertips.
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We know the new products people want to buy
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