What’s it about?

Quality and consistency are the values on which you have built your business success. Outstanding products, outstanding customer service. In every location, every time.

Maintaining those standards is essential to keeping you out in front. But that becomes harder and harder the bigger you get.

You may have your own growing chain of retail outlets. Your brand reputation could be in the hands of franchisees. Distributors, packers and wholesalers can be adding new stages to your routes to market. You might sell through third parties, in environments outside your direct control.

In every situation you need assurance that your own high standards of quality and consistency are being met. In every location, every time.

Our global network of more than 30,000 field associates can give you that assurance, or flag up the issues you need to address.

Covertly or openly, we can monitor:

  • How your products are sold or served

  • How their quality measures against the benchmarks you set

  • The standard of the equipment used to serve them

We train all our field auditors to understand your products and the levels of quality you require, to ensure they deliver relevant results, drawn from clearly specified metrics.

But we don’t just bring you data. Our expert industry analysts assess the field information in the context of broader market and consumer trends, so you get insightful recommendations you can action right away. It’s your assurance of our quality.

Our quality assurance services can help you:

  • Manage the customer experience of your product

  • Maintain high standards of customer service

  • Enhance delivery technology

  • Audit hygiene standards

  • Identify malpractice and implement remedy

  • Develop Quality Assurance processes

  • Monitor storage procedures and processes

  • Monitor ingredient consistency


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