Senior Trends Consultant Richard Cope helps Mintel clients understand how global consumer trends impact their business resulting in successful strategy shifts for some of the world’s leading brands. He does this through three offerings:


Co-creation brainstorming sessions that create a democratic, unabashed atmosphere, using proven meditation, visualisation and performance techniques that are guaranteed to give every participant a voice and to deliver concrete, recorded, concepts in response to your brief. (full day)

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Bespoke presentation and Q&As that engage, amuse and inspire audiences at conferences and corporate strategy events and leave behind materials to keep the conversation running (1 hour)


Trend Tours where you visit trends in the form of real bricks-and-mortar businesses, hear first-hand from the proprietors and then brainstorm what they mean for your business.

With over a decade of experience in market research, Richard brings Trends alive for Mintel’s clients on a daily basis. To date his 2017 EMEA Trend Predictions project has been presented and discussed face to face with an audience of over 1,000 clients and this year’s pan-European project on ‘The Truth About Trust’ is booked in to reach similar numbers across the UK, Italy, France, Poland, Norway, Spain and Germany. Richard’s other recent projects have explored the emergence of Africa as new consumer market, Virtual and Augmented Reality and the opportunities presented by an ageing population.

As a globally recognised leading trends commentator, he is regularly called on by media worldwide to provide insight and analysis into consumer trends.

Recent highlights include defining the modern family at a special event for broadcaster ITV, analysing the feminist fightback against sexist pricing for The Times and spending the morning discussing the future of seniors and romance with 50 local radio stations as part of the BBC’s Love Later in Life project.

Richard is also a key speaker at Mintel’s ‘Big Conversation’ client events across Europe, presenting on everything from technology and beauty, to the future of retail and modern relationships and he has delivered bespoke presentations for World Travel Market, Brand Republic, packaging forum Trendtag Glas and at conferences as far afield as Philadelphia, Aruba and Whistler.

If you would like to know what trends can mean for your business please contact Richard to discuss your briefs and proposals and hear more about our presentation, Co-creation and TrendTour services.


Walking Through the Young and Old

Millennials and Seniors may appear to be disparate groups with differing needs, but this presentation looks at how Seniors are getting ‘younger’ by working, divorcing and dating and how Millennials are becoming ‘older’ by looking to the past and being more conservative when it comes to health and vices.

Brand Intervention

What you need to know about the evolution of consumer reactions to environmental and health issues and how they'll impact the world of tomorrow.

Impact and opportunities of Brexit on the UK travel market

This presentation takes an overview of global travel patterns in a fraught marketplace, taking a particular look at the potential impact of Brexit for the UK as destination and generating market.

A Private Function

What you need to know about consumer reactions to data privacy and protection in 2015 and beyond.



Often called upon by some of the world’s leading media to provide analysis and direction on global consumer trends. A selection of recent examples include:


The Truth About Trust

Richard Cope, Senior Trends Consultant at Mintel, recently presented at Mumbrella360 Asia 2017 which took place in Singapore.

Alongside his presentation on “The Truth About Trust”, Richard contributed an article that was published on Mumbrella Asia: ‘How to achieve brand trust in a post-truth world – full of skeptical consumers’.

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When is a chain bookstore not a chain bookstore?

Richard Cope, senior trends consultant at Mintel, explained to CNBC via telephone that for Waterstones, the "motives of doing this are to win greater trust," as consumers are increasingly "looking for more serendipity in their choices."

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The Times UK

Shops alienate the biggest spenders with sexist pricing

High-street stores are “stupid, wrong and offensive” to charge women up to twice as much as men for a range of basic products, according to analysts.

Mintel, the market research company, said that shops were risking alienating their main customer base — women — and that The Times had “caught them out” with its research.

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The Guardian

How technology will fill your shopping basket

“New technology initiatives are about trying to create loyalty, and about trying to push the message that supermarkets have a hi-tech, progressive aspect to their brand,” says Richard Cope, a retail trends analyst at Mintel.

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