What’s it about?

You understand your business’s products inside out. But how well do you know the ones they are up against? Or the others that can inspire innovation and improvement in your own?

Mintel’s product retrieval service can give you a window onto your competitors’ strategies, and onto a whole world of inspiration beyond.

Our international network of more than 30,000 field associates can pick up consumer goods from all corners of the globe and ship them to you, or your internal or third party laboratories.

We can perform a one-off pick-up or continuous retrievals from over 130 countries worldwide.

That gives you competitor products from around the world to dissect, test and probe, helps you monitor category developments in distant markets and scope out existing offerings in new territories you have earmarked for growth.

It keeps you at the cutting edge of packaging technology, product claims and ingredients. It keeps you out in front.

If you need more information about this service or would like a quote, please send your details and query to products@mintel.com.

Our product retrieval can help you:

  • Carry out focus group testing

  • Hold in-house taste testing sessions

  • Carry out sensory evaluation

  • Perform ingredient and technical packaging analysis

  • Verify claims and positioning statements

  • Enrich your new product research process


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