Consumer Trends Consultant Stacy Bingle helps Mintel clients understand how global consumer trends impact their business, resulting in successful strategy shifts for some of the world’s leading brands. She does this through on-site discussions with clients.

Stacy Bingle brings research to life for our clients by sparking countless discussions on the latest consumer trends impacting today’s marketplace and reshaping it for the future, as well as inspiring ways in which brands can take advantage of the changing landscape.

This year’s 2016 North American Consumer Trends were discussed face to face with an audience of over 1,000 clients and the intriguing look at the humanization of brands has already struck an accord with hundreds of clients across the Americas.

Stacy’s recent projects have looked at disruptive trends in the retail space and the divergent approach of Millennial Parents. As one of the leading trends experts in the Americas, she is regularly called on by media throughout the country to provide insight and analysis on topics from media to consumer packaged goods, beauty and personal care and financial services.

Recent highlights include commenting on how trends will affect the products and services people buy for the Chicago Tribune, discussing the growth of specific technology and retail trends with NBC and Forbes, and analyzing new marketing campaigns with BBC.

Stacy is also a key speaker at Mintel’s ‘Big Conversation’ client events across the US, Canada and Brazil, presenting on brand and consumer behavior, interactions and relationships across a variety of sectors and demographics.

She has also delivered bespoke presentations for the game-changing CES conference covering tech innovations and brand implications, the cutting-edge IFT show highlighting ways brands can capitalize on consumer eating trends and several of Mirren’s conferences showcasing consumer-brand activity and key opportunities to agencies. Alongside these events, Stacy holds exclusive live webinars to virtually educate our clients and stimulate their ideas for future strategy planning.

If you would like to know what trends can mean for your business please contact Stacy to discuss your briefs and proposals and hear more about our presentations and upcoming events.

Some of the conferences at which Stacy has spoken

Ces 2016

CES 2016

ift 2016

IFT - The Eating Experience

big conversation 16 nam

Mintel Big Conversations

brasil workshop

Mintel Brazil Workshops

mirren live

Mirren Live


National Restaurant Association


OLA Super Conference

innovation category

Innovations by category


The iGeneration as adults

retail disruptors

Retail disruptors

pursuit happiness

The pursuit of happiness

meet parents

Meet the parents


Often called upon by some of the leading media outlets in the Americas to provide direction on current consumer trends, a selection of recent examples include:

Chicago Tribune

Mintel spots trends for 2016: What we'll buy and how

WIn an exclusive Q&A with the Chicago Tribune, Stacy Glasgow, a consumer trends consultant in Mintel’s Chicago-based North American headquarters, details trends that the company expects in North America this year, what’s behind them and how they will affect the products and services people buy.

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World Business Report

Stacy Glasgow, Consumer Trends Consultant at Mintel, discusses Glade’s new marketing campaignd how it relates to current consumer trends within the North American marketplace. (Interview begins at 20:35)

Read the article


7 Tech Trends for 2015

Will 2015 be the year of wearable tech? Mintel's Stacy Glasgow, Consumer Trends Consultant, said that Mintel’s research found that 59 percent of U.S. consumers were interested in using an app or device to control their home.

About 22 percent already owned a wearable device already. “We definitely see that number in a position to grow,” she said.

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Retailers Seek To Capture Dollars Of Consumers On The Go With Shoppable Windows, Storefronts

L’Oréal Paris recently introduced Intelligent Color Experience, a smart cosmetics shopping experience in the New York Subway. It detects the colors in a consumer’s outfit and picks out the most prominent and related colors, then recommends L’Oréal products to match the palette and also allows shoppers to purchase those products on the spot, according to Stacy Glasgow, a consumer trends consultant for Mintel.

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