What is it?

Mintel combines exclusive quantitative and qualitative consumer research with expert analysis to provide shopper-based data and insight. Like other Mintel Reports, each Shopper Report is available in both Word and PDF versions and accompanied by an executive summary in PowerPoint and a databook file in Excel which includes all of the quantitative data collected for that report.

These reports address topics such as:Walgreens Shopper Report

  • Who is this store’s shopper?

  • Why do consumers shop at that retailer?

  • Areas in which shoppers believe that store excels

  • Challenges shoppers have at the retailer

  • Trip drivers to the retailer

  • Pre-shopping activities for trips to the retailer


On an individual level, each retailer-specific report contains robust shopper intelligence and critical insights to inform competitive strategies. Comparing the reports provides for an in-depth understanding of how shoppers behave at different retailers within the same category.

  • Identify key groups (Millennials, Hispanics, etc.)

  • What drives a trip

  • What they do to prepare for a trip

  • Pre-shopping influencers (alerts, ads, list-making behavior, etc)

  • Who are they with when they shop

  • What they prefer to buy at a particular retailer

  • Planned and unplanned purchase behavior

  • Why they buy at a particular retailer

  • Who buys key categories/sub-categories of products at a particular retailer
    Benefits/drawbacks of shopping categories/sub-categories at a particular retailer

  • Why they buy key categories/sub-categories of products at a particular retailer

  • Where else they buy key categories/sub-categories

  • Shopping basket composition – commonly co-purchased categories/sub-categories

  • Loyalty card behaviors

Category specific coverage

  • Grocery/Food/Drink
  • Personal Care
  • Household
  • Medicine/treatments
  • Beauty
  • Vitamins & Suplements
  • Diet & Fitness
  • Baby & Child
  • Home healthcare
  • Sexual wellness
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