The US market

The United States is the world’s third most populous country and fosters the world’s largest national economy. Diversity in consumer tastes, income and national origin create unique social subcultures and embody the country’s intricate and lucrative markets.

Housing, transportation and at-home dining are among the largest spending categories for the US. However, non-essential categories such as dining out, on-premise alcohol, technology, vacations and tourism, leisure and entertainment have experienced the greatest gains in the past couple years. Over the next five years, expenditures are forecast to grow by 20% to exceed $12 trillion in 2018. This is the result of both improving economics, as well as demographic shifts.

Successfully entering this highly competitive market requires an in-depth understanding of the local marketplace, its consumers and competitors.

Whether you are seeking to expand your business, capture new clients or understand the latest trends in your industry, you need fast and easy to use market data. Mintel provides you with the best tools to make well-informed decisions for your business.


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