Mintel’s Brand Analyst Richard Hopping presents this exclusive webinar to explore the attributes of brands found by Mintel to be the most trusted, those that struggle to achieve high trust levels, and how brands can attempt to future-proof their image.

From a perspective of trust, brands have a myriad of plates to keep spinning at once, and it is those that perform well on usage, prestige, quality and value that fare best. Brands do need to maintain momentum, however; it only takes one knock to set back consumer trust in a brand.

In this webinar you will find out:

  • Trust overview: Who are the most and least trusted brands in the UK and their attributes?

  • Factors influencing trust and how quickly trust can change.

  • Cross-category comparison and key takeaways: Familiarity is a driver of trust, but Aldi and Lidl have shown that this can be successfully challenged.

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