Mintel Academic

For Faculty

Expand minds with real world examples.
Use current reports, insights and data to challenge students with projects that prepare students for future careers.

For our university and college clients, please remember to authenticate through your library website to access your Mintel subscriptions remotely.

Comprehensive Data

Simulate a work environment
in the classroom.

Give students a business world experience by introducing projects that incorporate current data and reports.

Inspire students by
incorporating real world trends.

Help students understand the everchanging market and its affect on consumer attitudes. Use new trends to help guide ideas into areas that haven’t been explored for entrepreneurship.

Build course curriculum

Use Mintel Data, Insights, Reports and Trends as the basis of your accredated course.

Academic research

Gather, process and internalize real market intelligence to foster a forward thinking education environment.

Explore and Search

Mintel boasts powerful search capabilities that you can download in multiple formats, including PDF, DOC, PPT and infographics.

Consult an expert

Utilize our team of expert consultants to help you get closer to what you’re looking for.

What our clients say

“I am a solid believer in the power of Mintel Research. It is the starting point of advertising campaign development for our students.

The Murrow College was one of the very first university subscribers to Mintel. To this very day I believe our advertising students are hired above many others as a result of the “learn to work with research” experience that Mintel Reports has given.” – National Education Executive Committee Chair