Bitesize Briefing

Brexit: what’s next for consumers?

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At the moment, neither our politicians or the EU seem to have any real idea of what shape Brexit will take. And if they don’t know what’s going on, it’s asking a lot of consumers to process the situation. But Mintel regularly surveys consumer sentiment data, as well as people’s attitudes towards what Brexit might mean for their finances. It’s clear that many are concerned – but that they’re also separating these concerns from their own financial situation. Using our research into consumer sentiment and spending intentions, our cross-category expertise, and drawing on Mintel’s long experience of how consumers react to economic upheaval, our Director of Research, Toby Clark, will share Mintel’s latest thinking on how shoppers are handling the continued uncertainty

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Presenter: Toby Clark, Director of EMEA Research
Panelists: Jack Duckett, Associate Director Lifestyle and Richard Shepherd, Senior Financial Services Analyst