LL Cool J’s lyrics capture the current SUV segment “Don’t Call it a come back, I’ve been here for years.” The big bad SUV has always been a trademark of America. When gas prices were soaring a few years ago, American automakers such as Chevrolet, GM, and Ford suffered heavy sales losses in their SUV and truck segments. However, today’s market is showing a bright future and promising for an influx of sales in the SUV and luxury SUV market.

The promise of continuously rising gas prices and environmental concerns does not seem to be scaring away American consumers from purchasing fuel guzzling SUV’s. Rapid growth in the SUV and Luxury SUV segment is attracting the interest of new automobile manufactures hoping to get their own piece of the pie. What use to be a niche market is now expected to see offerings from Bentley, Maserati, Jaguar, and more. For most of these manufacturers this will be their first production SUV, a testament of demand dictating supply.

Maserati will be the first high end car manufacturer to offer their on spin on a luxury SUV in this new thirsty market. The 2013 Maserati Kubang will astonishingly be built on the Chrysler production line in Detroit. The Kubang will feature a breathtaking Ferrari engine, built on top of a Jeep Cherokee chassis, an uncertain mix of lineage. The interior and exterior will undoubtedly feature the lines, styling, and luxury Maserati is known for, the Kubang with be an exciting new entry in to the ever growing SUV market.

Image: Maserati Kubang

Maserati Kubang

Source: Maserati.com

Jeep hopes to secure a greater market share percentage by offering additional engine choices for their 2013 Jeep Cherokee. A 3.0 liter turbo diesel V-6 produced by Mercedes will now come as a standard engine option. Jeep hopes to fill the diesel SUV segment with their efficient turbo engine, while still producing gobs of torque.

Ford Motor Company has been boasting a large increased sale hike in November. Their sales figures were up 13%, as their SUV’s accounted for most of their profit. While Lincoln took an almost 18% plunge, the only model which grew in sales numbers was the MKX crossover SUV. Consumers vote with their dollar, and its clear the larger SUV’s are still in demand.

Ford enthusiasts spoke their mind by purchasing larger cars. Their compact Focus was down almost 10%, while the midsize Fusion, and full size Taurus was up 12.5% and 17.4% respectively. Ford’s smaller SUV, the Escape, was up an astonishingly 46%. Even though the larger Explorer crossover SUV saw poor reviews from Motorweek, Consumer Reports, and USA Today, the Explorer’s sales more than tripled from pervious years.

Image: 2012 Ford ExplorerFord Explorer

Source: Ford Motor Company

Even Chrysler has been reaping the benefits of the SUV craze. Their November sales numbers rose almost 45% in comparison to last year. Jeep, a Chrysler owned company, accounted for a large part of their sales prowess. The newly refined Jeep Wrangler attributed to Jeep’s 50% increase in November, their best month since 2003. The stylish Wrangler boasted a 41% increase in sales strictly for that model. Dodge, also apart of the Chrysler family, saw a nice increase in sales in November as well. The Dodge Journey has been capturing the hearts of enthusiasts across America. The Journey model sales increased to 38%, and help push Dodge’s total sales up 43% in comparison to just a year ago.

General Motors were less successful in gaining a larger market share than its competitors. GM saw only a 7% increases in total sales during the month of November. The GMC brand, which only produces SUVs and Pickups rose 6.8%. Despite their increased sales, GM still reports an excess of unsold vehicles sitting on dealer’s lots.

American car manufacturers aren’t the only ones swimming in the riches the SUV craze has to offer. BMW is dancing in fits of joy, as their newly redesigned luxury X3 SUV shattered outlooks and increased almost 91% over last year’s sales. Mercedes luxury SUV sales did incredibly well in 2011 as well. The M-class, G-class, GL-class and others, all contributed to a 24% increase in SUV sales alone. Bringing the total number of SUVs sold in 2011 to just under 222,000 units. Mercedes-Benz sales analysts expect continued growth in the SUV market share in 2012.

Porsche struggled to keep inventory of their Cayenne in 2011. In the first half of 2011, the Porsche Cayenne’s sale numbers rose 47%. The ridiculous demand stretches all the way into their Chinese market. To purchase a Porsche Cayenne in China, buyers face up to a twelve month wait. The extraneous demand is forcing Porsche to increase production rate from 10-20% in 2012. Porsche hopes to sell more then 100,000 units in 2012. The anticipated new Porsche Cajun SUV and Cayenne Turbo S are expected to increase sales to 200,000 units by 2018.

The automobile industry is boasting increased sales in almost every segment, but the biggest gains are focused in the larger vehicles and SUVs. Its clear consumers are no longer worried about spending their money on new cars and trucks. Gas prices and potential environmental concerns are scaring away consumer from purchasing large vehicles again. Manufactures in Detroit and abroad are all competing to increase their brand name and sales before the SUV boom fizzles out. The craze in the manufacturing industry means great news for consumers. Now more than ever potential buyers are offered exciting new choices from a variety of great manufacturers.