Hyundai recently announced a marketing deal with ESPN to be the presenting sponsor of Thursday Night College Football Live. The sponsorship will start for the Louisiana State University and Mississippi State game on Thursday September 15th, and will provide Hyundai a new market to advertise their vehicles to.

This announcement comes at a great time for Hyundai, who has posted a year to date sales gain of 21% through the month of August 2011. Hyundai, is also on a current sales pace to set a record for their companies sales figures.

The deal places Hyundai In the spotlight for college football games on Thursday, however, also provides Hyundai a chance to place their vehicle in the hands of their current consumers, and potential consumers at 15 different schools. Part of the deal pairs Hyundai as a sponsor at 15 universities and will up the number to 24 in 2012.

The deal will allow Hyundai to place on site displays at some of college football’s most high profile matchups. The deal will also allow Hyundai to provide vehicles on site at these match ups for potential consumers to see, and allow their current consumers to see what Hyundai is offering in its updated models.

Hyundai will also run on field promotions, on site displays, tickets for hospitality, and giveaways which will be unique for the college football fan. The 15 universities which Hyundai is establishing a sponsorship relationship with are Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Auburn, Cal, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Ohio State, Oregon, Pittsburgh, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia Tech. These universities represent some of the biggest and most historic college football programs in the market and are a perfect place to interact with consumers.

The advantage of Hyundai running a program such as this is it allows them to target a large audience every Thursday night during the ESPN Thursday night college football match up, and allows Hyundai a chance to do on site vehicle displays at universities on college football Saturdays, which is an event that can bring consumers to a specific location for anywhere from three to nine hours. Hyundai setting up ticket giveaways, vehicle experiences, games, and information tents allows them to target consumers, most of who drive to tail gates, and show off their vehicle.

Hyundai is following an important trend in the automotive industry which is bringing the vehicle the vehicle to the consumer. Automotive manufactures try to find the best market places to take new vehicles to the consumer, and also get feedback from potential consumers and current owners of their respective brands. With the ability to bring it to a college campus allows Hyundai to reach more than just one consumer, but the range of consumers from all races, genders, ages, and household income levels.

Hyundai is entering the college football market, which had been an open market for a while. Most automotive manufactures focus on the NFL market and advertising for those games, while Hyundai-Kia, has focused on other sports. Kia has been the sponsor of the NBA, and now Hyundai is doing a partnership sponsor deal with 15 universities and ESPN Thursday Night college football other key match ups.

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