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BMW is launching a wireless charging system that aims to make charging an electrified car even simpler.

German car manufacturer BMW launched a new wireless charging system for electric cars, which includes an inductive charging base pad on the floor and a component attached to the underside of the car, which allows electric energy to be automatically transmitted from the mains to the vehicle’s battery without the need for cables or further input from the driver. The base pad can be installed in a garage or outside, with the in-car system helping the driver align the vehicle correctly when parking to ensure charging will start. First launched in Germany, the device will subsequently be released in the UK, US, Japan and China.

Encouraging development

Although petrol remains the most popular choice, Mintel’s latest research on the car purchasing process in the UK highlights a growing interest in alternative fuels. Two in five British consumers who plan to buy a car in the next three years are interested in a hybrid fuel type, with 20% interested in a pure electric car. However, high prices and the habit shift associated with having to charge a vehicle remain off-putting to some consumers, despite electric charging points becoming more commonplace in many countries.

BMW’s introduction of a wireless charging system is the latest initiative from a manufacturer to make this process more simple and convenient, with the innovation enabling the driver to simply park as normal at home and have their vehicle charge automatically. In particular, we are seeing companies explore how to make charging a car part of a regular routine, such as the opening of a road on the outskirts of Stockholm that recharges electric vehicles as they drive.

BMW has already shown its dedication to improving charging infrastructure by expanding its own network of charging stations in Malaysia and, now, this new wireless charging system may well bring a similar level of convenience to consumers in Germany. Such innovations may help the brand capture a growing demand for electric cars over the coming years, in tandem potentially growing its overall market share.

This blog references the UK car purchasing process market report, available to purchase at our store.