Vivienne Rudd
Vivienne is the Director of Innovation & Insight for Mintel's BPC team, creating and delivering trend presentations and focused insights to clients around the world.

From the next generation of at-home beauty devices that harness energy and light to new ingredients that boost cellular energy such as sugar and oxygen, beauty brands are giving consumers more power and vitality for better results.

Beauty Devices

Italian women are the most beauty device-oriented in Europe according to the latest research from Mintel.Beauty Devices


Mintel/Toluna, October 2011 (Europe) and January 2012 (US). In Europe, % potential users includes women who answered “might buy” and “would seriously consider buying”

Helix D

Electric current

While beauty devices are creating an enormous buzz in the beauty world, formulators are creating a new generation of products that promise to boost or replace the effects of devices by building on the concepts of energy and magnetism.

One of the ways in which brands express their use of energy is by using electrical terminology. So, for example, Helix D Face and Neck Serum from the US is said to use electromagnetically balanced, double-layer liposome technology to sustain its potency and maximise its skincare benefits.

Sugar rush

Sugar, from many sources, adds a burst of energy and boosts cellular activity in a number of new products. Vichy’s LiftActiv Derm Source Serum 10 features rhamnose sugar derived from a Braz

Oxygen has also become a permanent part of the formulator’s palette. Blending electronics with respiration, Exhale Sircuit Skin Cosmeceutical’s Wonderlust Hydrating Serum contains RejuvenOx PFs, which is claimed to increase oxygen levels in the skin and help improve its texture.ilian plan, which is said to stimulate activity in the upper layers of the skin. Sampar’s Pure Perfection Nocturnal Rescue Mask goes one step further by using a probiotic sugar which it says neutralises any cutaneous imbalances caused by pollution, and shocks the skin back to life on a cellular level.

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